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Whispering Creek Health was founded by Native American tribal members and their deep concerns about the lack of resources for tribal members seeking recovery both in the rural and urban areas throughout turtle island. The Native American community has a need for a specialized program of substance recovery that is not historically considered of value in traditional recovery programs.  Additionally, the history of short, phased recovery programs that lacked adequate training and failed to provide any aftercare program has resulted in a revolving door of recovery treatment and has inflicted historical hardship on recovering members and the tribes that are there to support their recovery.


For this reason, Whispering Creek has assembled a team of experienced Native Americans that understand the recovery process, primarily because they have walked this journey themselves.  They understand the common challenges of recovery programs and the importance of inter-tribal cultural integration that is necessary to be successful in recovery treatment.  Additionally, they have created an Aftercare Program that is designed to support, educate and transition individuals back into traditional living situations.  The Whispering Creek Health Program integrates the following components:


  • Phase 1 – Cleansing Phase : Four-month (120 day) cleansing phase that provides a gradual Intensive Outpatient Care program and extensive Native Culture orientation program conducted during the day with supportive housing and food during treatment.


  • Phase 2 – Skill Building Phase  : Two-month (60 day) Intensive Outpatient Care program with emphasis on post-recovery challenges and solutions, as well as a continuation of the Native Cultural/training Program and employment-related job skills development program, conducted during the day with supportive housing and food during treatment (in preparation for Phase 3).


  • Phase 3 – Aftercare Program : Up to Six-month (180 day) supportive housing aftercare program where the Individual participates in the management of their aftercare by holding a job, paying a weekly rental rate, managing their own food, and actively participating in ongoing recovery groups and cultural training, all under the assistance of recovery team members.


We realize that there are other recovery programs, but our program addresses the key components to success:


  • Native American Cultural Integration

  • Four- or Six-month Recovery Programs

  • Six Month Aftercare Program


Members of our Executive Team are passionate about the recovery and aftercare of our fellow Native Americans – we welcome you to explore the difference at Whispering Creek Health.

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