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Q:  I notice that your Recovery Program has two phases before the Aftercare Program:  One is 4 months long and the second is 2 months long.  Do you need to complete all 6 months to attend the Aftercare Program.


A:  We find that individuals in recovery transition better to aftercare if they complete our 6-month program, but they must attend our 4 month recovery program to be eligible for the free Aftercare Program.



Q:  Is an individual required to attend the Aftercare Program?


A:  No.  We understand that individuals have families, jobs, etc., but we offer the Aftercare Program as a method of helping people transition to a self-supporting life through the recovery process.



Q:  Do you have a shorter recovery program than the first phase lasting 4 months.


A:  No, our shortest recovery program is 4 months in length.



Q:  Can an individual in recovery bring their pet, family, etc.?


A:  No, our recovery program is highly supervised and focused on the individual in treatment – our program, housing and facility doesn’t have additional support for pets or family members?



Q:  I have someone who has just completed a recovery program elsewhere.  Can they attend your Aftercare Program.


A:  If space is available, we will consider individuals for our Aftercare Program.  Please contact us for more details.



Q:  Can you accommodate individuals in your program from out-of-state?


A:  Yes, we offer our three-phase recovery program to all Native Americans, regardless of their home state.



Q.  Does Whispering Creek Health provide services to everyone in recovery?


A:  We provide recovery services to Native Americans exclusively.


Q:  I heard that Whispering Creek Health contributes 10% of their net proceeds to the Hummingbird Spirit Foundation – is that true?


A:  Yes, the Hummingbird Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and wellness of Native Americans.  As such, Whispering Creek Health dedicates 10% of their net proceeds to this Foundation.



Q:  Is Whispering Creek Health owned by a specific Native American Tribe?


A:  No, our Founder and one of the owners of Whispering Creek Health is a member of Native American community and we have several team members that are Native American tribal members, but no specific tribe has ownership or management direction over our organization.

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