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Our Story

Lake Havasu, AZ

Lake Havasu, AZ

Allen B. King / Founder was born in New Mexico and raised both on and off the Diné (Navajo Nation) reservation. He has been living a respectful sober life with the support of his spouse and two children since October 30, 2010. Having overcome similar struggles and similar addictions, Allen has dedicated his life to rehabilitative work on a local and national level by helping others return to a balanced life, fostering Native cultural connections, and cultivating Wellbriety: wellness and sobriety.

Historically, behavioral healthcare services for Native Americans have created significant levels of mistrust and compounded the present-day trauma for individuals in active addiction, their families, and communities.  In 2023, Arizona health policies drastically changed, affecting behavioral healthcare services offered to Native Americans and further resulted in an alarming rate of human trafficking, homelessness, missing and in some cases, death.  All due to inappropriate providers, misuse of funding, and misrepresentation of substance abuse programs. This negative impact gravely decreased and cutoff essential services and resources for our people, thus Whispering Creek Health (WCH) was created.

Native Americans are resilient people.  We have the healing knowledge passed down from our ancestors that we still carry and project today—our language, our ceremonies, our dances and making light of tough situations through laughter.  This healing forest grows stronger everyday so long as we nurture and build on that strength.  Every moment a new seed of hope is planted in ourselves for our future generation.

Whispering Creek Health aims to strengthen Native Americans Wellbriety from substance abuse including extended recovery programs and our 180-day aftercare program.  WCH is committed to serving underrepresented communities and increasing visibility, exposure, and inclusion of resources to Native Americans in need of healing and recover.



In 2023, Allen went through ceremony to seek guidance and answers on how he can continue to serve his people in the wake of the most recent recovery program changes. During this ceremony Allen’s mind was blocked and he struggled, until finally he let go and listened. As he sat next to the Verde River on the Ft. McDowell Yavapai Apache reservation, the water had whispered to him on what he needs to do for the people.

Whispering Creek Health was created for those that are forgotten.

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Allen B. King

Founder & CEO

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