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The journey of recovery is often a lonely path, but it doesn’t need to be.  At Whispering Creek Health, we are committed to utilizing several important resources and methods of achieving positive results during the recovery process.  Here are just a few:


  • Wellbriety : Our recovery staff are trained and supervised by a Wellbriety certified facilitator and we are committed to the methods of the White Bison’s Wellbriety Movement.


  • Inter-Tribal Culture Training : Our Founder, Allen King, has developed and implemented a cultural training program that focuses on the long-term healing of tribal members that have suffered historical issues that triggered the pattern of substance abuse.  Reconnecting to our tribal history and traditions is an important way for tribal members in recovery to seek and obtain a higher calling on their long journey of recovery.


  • Aftercare : Recovery is achievable during treatment, but sustainability often depends upon where the individual goes after treatment.  If they return to the same challenges that were experiencing before treatment, then the success of sustained recovery becomes less likely.  For this reason, our leaders have created an Aftercare Program, in conjunction with the Hummingbird Spirit Foundation to provide aftercare supported housing for individuals completing our recovery program.


Our partners on this journey of Native American recovery support continues to grow.  We are happy to share our partnership with these organizations:

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