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Four Peaks Mountain, AZ

Exclusive Native American Program 

Recovery - Culture - Aftercare

Native American Ownership

Native American Ownership

Our Founder and CEO, Allen King, is not only a Native American and a committed member in recovery with over 12 years, but he is also an active member in his tribe.  His passion for Native American substance abuse recovery is well known in the industry.  While Allen has worked with other entities in the past, the focus of the recovery continued with the understanding and connection to the Native American community.  For this reason, Allen partnered with others to create an organization that was committed to Native American ownership and leadership.  The goal of Whispering Creek Health is to exclusively focus on the recovery and wellness needs of the Native American members – Nothing more, Nothing less!

Recovery and Culture Focused

Recovery and Culture Focused

Our Recovery Program was designed by recovering Native Americans for Native Americans. We separate our program into three Phases:  Cleansing, Skill Building and Aftercare.  The first two phases integrate common recovery techniques, but we include a cultural training program that focuses on the long-term healing of tribal members that have suffered historical issues that triggered the pattern of substance abuse.  Reconnecting to our tribal history and traditions is an important way for tribal members in recovery to seek and obtain a higher calling on their long journey of recovery.



Most recovery programs don’t have an Aftercare Program.  We have developed a 6-month aftercare program that provides a housing supported program where the individuals are contributing to their own support, learning skills, managing their own needs, participating in ongoing recovery and culture sessions – all while working toward a transition to a fully supported living situation.  Tribal sponsors that send an individual to our Recovery and Culture Program have no cost for the individual’s participation in our 6-month Aftercare Program.



Whispering Creek Health’s mission is to familiarize recovery to the Native American Community suffering from intergenerational grief, addiction, and substance abuse. We are committed to doing everything with compassion, integrity, honesty and demonstrated trust in the successful treatment and aftercare of our community members.


At Whispering Creek Health, we believe that for too long, the Native American community has suffered and been mistreated by treatment programs that are short-lived and unsupported in the member’s desire to transition successfully back into a substance free lifestyle. Through our unique combination of Recovery Programs, our community members receive respected inter-tribal teachings, tools needed to overcome their dependencies, and learn to manage their transitional challenges through our Aftercare Program.


Our community members achieve these goals through our Native American Cultural-Based Healing services, our full range of evidence-based therapeutic services, including, one on one therapy, psychoeducation, dual diagnosis counseling, coping mechanisms, and a housing supported aftercare program – all in a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment.

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